A unique Chef – A unique story – A feast for the senses

April 2017

Try combining the best of Turkey, Finland and the USA. The result is international award winning celebrity chef and Turkish food genius Mehmet Gurs. If you haven’t heard of Mehmet, you’ve been living under a rock. He has successfully put Istanbul’s food on the international culinary stage. His current stable of food business and restaurants includes his Michelin starred ‘Mikla’, a food research lab, a chain of kitchens, a trattoria and the list goes on.

Mehmet has chosen Lezzet Restaurant in Melbourne’s Elwood to showcase his unique style during a Melbourne Food and Wine Festival luncheon.

Lezzet’s young chef restaurateur Kemal Barut is ecstatic to be hosting a chef who has inspired him for many years. Closer to home, Kem’s friend and mentor, the brilliant Somer Sivrioglu (Efendy & Anason, NSW ) and another outstanding local Turkish food icon Coskun Uysal (Tulum) make up the team creating this one of a kind ‘Melbourne Food and Wine Festival event’.

Indigenous Turkish grape varietal wines will be matched to each of the chef’s courses, by sommelier Tan Sumer of Opal Wine Merchants, resulting in a unique celebration of the Ottoman style. Tan has spent most of his working life researching these wines which stand out from many Euro offerings due in part to their early beginnings, some dating back many many hundreds of years.

The Ottoman world drew on so many influences from adjoining culinary regions that it is always varied and always exciting. This fabulous luncheon not only sees these influences combined, but also the individual styles of four very different chefs coming together for a feast of the senses.

Lezzet restaurant sits on the Brighton Road promenade in Elwood. It has been a favourite venue for numerous Melbourne Food and Wine Festival events and Kem Barut always creates lunches or dinners that reflect the food of his ancestors. A reflection of his life spent between Bey Pazari near Ankara and his Melbourne home.

Four courses and Turkish wines – Luncheon Sunday 2nd April.