Spring chicken salad recipe

I first tried this chicken salad in a town called Bey Pazari, (the Men’s Town) about 60 km from Ankara , where my grandmother lives. Its name comes from a time when the men would ride their horses into town to do the shopping in the markets returning home with the food supply.

Chicken Salad (serves 4 people)


1kg cleaned Chicken Breast

Wild Rocket

Walnuts (roasted)

200grams Haloumi

Juice of 1/2 Â Orange


Fresh bunch thyme

Fresh bunch Basil

Sumak to taste

Tablespoon Honey

1 litre Yoghurt

Start your meal by cutting and marinating your chicken. Slice Chicken in half, marinate with chopped basil, thyme, olive oil & touch of garlic. In a non-stick pan start cooking chicken, -Â its always a good idea to get your salad ready before, the chicken doesn’t take long to cook -.

Place the Rocket, roasted crushed walnuts, and your haloumi cut into strips or cubes or slightly seared on a pan (my favourite). Put chicken onto salad and dress with pre made yoghurt dressing

Yoghurt Dressing:

Into a mixing bowl apply yoghurt, squeeze half orange, add honey and sumak to flavour. Mix well, evenly pour over salad and serve

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