Little Winter Turkish Tastes


Across the Winter months Kem’s two favourites
are matched – Turkish wines alongside winter meze (entree) tastes.

Each day from Friday 1st July and then right across winter he will
create little meze (entree) tasting plates matched to three of his favourite Turkish wines.

Meze – and the start of the meal, is a chance to taste the subtle and exotic flavours of Turkish food with its mouth watering Mediterranean influences, and what better way to sample them than with tastings of some of Turkey’s leading wines.

Lezzet’s unique ambiance is reflective of the diners of Istanbul, while being about the young Aussie born Turk who loves the challenge of melding two worlds. Matched to the comforting feel of a
Melbourne winter, the stage is set for entree tastings
‘Turkish style’.

from Friday 1st July.
(not available for entree on Sat evenings)

COST $30 p.p.