Lezzet Turkish Restaurant Melbourne sets the standard

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Lezzet is one of the most unique Turkish Restaurants in Melbourne

Lezzet Turkish Restaurant is one of the most unique Turkish Restaurants Melbourne has seen. Lezzet is all about youthful passion and unique experiences. Owner and chef Kem Barut says “…it’s how Turks like to live and it’s how Turks like to dine, with warm colours, aromas and a multitude of textures”. The walls at Lezzet are adorned with pieces that Kem has collected over the years from numerous visits to Ankara and Bey-Pazari the home of his late grandmother. He drew inspiration from the colourful markets, the ever-changing landscape and the richly textured décor in most homes that hides behind often quite stark exteriors. When a Melbourne Turkish restaurant is casual it often leaves much to be desired in terms of décor, but Kem has managed to cleverly blend both a casual style and a let’s-not-ever-leave, feel, into the rich tapestry of life at his Lezzet Turkish Restaurant Elwood. It’s just the way Turkish dining should be. He has managed to create a feel that is luxurious without being formal, comfortable without being contrived. Somehow Lezzet’s ambiance just works, whether at breakfast or lunch on the weekend, or at night. The wide opening windows change the feel when days and nights are balmy and offer a connection to the al fresco space overlooking the Brighton Road boulevard. Back inside, the few blackboards featuring short messages from Kem, are charming, inclusive and very Elwood. The rugs that adorn the rough brick walls and spare spaces were also collected across the years. The brilliant floor to ceiling metal curlicue screens separate areas without closing the spaces in, and every item just adds to the authenticity of a restaurant that is as much about Turkey as it is about Melbourne.

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Lezzet Unique Turkish Restaurant

As a young chef, Kem fell head over heels in love with the Turkish Wood-Fire cuisine and it’s unique way of cooking, and he has developed quite a unique cuisine of his own. Of course the food takes its prime flavours from The Turkish kitchens of his ancestors, but a general sense of adventure took a foot hold in his recipes and Turkish cuisine, what resulted was a new kind of modern Turkish food that brilliantly highlights both the best of Turkey and the flavours of Victoria. Kem is still always amazed when he returns from his regular foodie trips around Turkey, at the abundance of stunning produce available at Melbourne’s local Markets. Kem lives, dreams and cooks wood-fire, but it’s not just as a final cooking medium, but as a cooking base for much of his menu. From the toppings on his Turkish pizzas to the slow-slow cooked Anatolian lamb that is his signature dish. The wood-fire just infuses the ingredients with the sweetest smokiest depth of flavour that is impossible to replicate without the Victorian woods that he uses daily. It’s all about the spices that Kem has used his entire life. The Turkish spices range from smoky ash flavours, to fruity, tangy and even sour. They are the mainstay of literally all Turkish food.