Kem’s Elwood

ElwoodFMElwood Farmer’s Market

Providores come to Elwood monthly at the Elwood Farmer’s Market – the second
Saturday of the month, just around towards the beach at Elwood College  101
Glenhuntly Road Elwood (8.30 am – 1.00pm)

There’s everything from preserves to coffee and mayonnaise to honey. There’s
rustic breads and blue cheeses, olives, wine and berries. It’s just a great
opportunity for a Saturday stroll to stock up the pantry with goodies from
Victoria’s finest providores.


stadiumlrgeKem’s Sports

For all the ‘couch based’ sports buffs, here’s a website that ranks the top
15 sports sites internationally. It’s a great way to see what’s hot in the
sports world and it’s regularly updated.”


WIneKem’s Food News

Lezzet’s Festive Sofra menu – shared table dining. Dine-in with 12 before
Christmas and everyone takes home a bottle of Barossa Valley wine!

Join us for your Xmas work or family celebrations and we’ll provide a special gift, from you, for each of your guests.

Call now to book our function room and let us treat you to a wonderful tast of Turkey to ring in the festive season.


Foodie find

We’ve discovered a great new Turkish cookbook – ISTANBUL By Rebecca Seal. Full of the flavours of Turkey it includes many recipes that remind me of my childhood.

It’s always interesting to see someone else’s take on the things you live and breathe. Rebecca sheds some light on many of the techniques and spice combinations that’s allowed me to reinterpret many of these recipes with a new perspective.

Available at all good bookstores and online via Amazon and highly recommended.

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