Home Delivery

Home Delivery to your door!

Home Delivery to your door!

Try our new Home Delivery menu. There’s lots of inexpensive Turkish/Mediterranean dishes and snacks straight from our wood oven or the char grill

For mid-week meals, lazy Saturday nights at home or a big dinner at home with friends
When you want to dine at home, just choose from the menu and relax. We will deliver everything for you in a flash.
The all new home delivery menu features lots of Turkish/Mediterranean dishes to suit dining at home, that can be made fast and travel well.

From moreish wood-fire slow roasted lamb or chicken, to quick sticky lamb ribs, smoky paprika chicken wings, and wraps, to feta cigars, home-made dips, pizzas and lighter snacks, you can make a meal of it, or just snack through the evening. It’s about trying flavours that we don’t usually enjoy at home.

Home Delivery
Lezzet Express Delivery

Lots of the dishes even reheat well, so you can save some for tomorrow!
Eat at home meals make mid-week dining really easy, and can be an inexpensive treat on the weekends. Lezzet is open Tuesday to Sunday evenings and all day on the weekend as well.

After 12 years Lezzet is well known for it’s modern take on Turkish food, young Turkish Australian owner and chef Kem Barut loves to experiment with flavours from his two homes – Turkey and Australia. It’s a fascinating melding of two cultures. Kem travels to Turkey often to explore the far flung places that replenish his passion for this unique cuisine.

Home delivery can be a great way to feed a group of friends at home, without the fuss and expense. Just let Kem suggest a meal that’s easy for you to serve up… it’s cheaper than dining out, and you’ll be the star!
You can order here for fast home delivery.