Father’s Day – Beer and Sport

beerbatterBeer Batter

Beer is good for many things – not just quenching your thirst or celebrating. It makes a great ingredient in many dishes – none better than beer batter. Efes Turkish beer is great for making a light golden  batter.

Sift cornflour, self raising flour and plain flour ( a 1/4 cup of each) and add some salt and cracked pepper. Add Efes until you have a batter consistency and mix with a hand whisk.It is important to let it stand for 10 minutes and then you can  dip floured fish, veges – anything really – into the batter and deep fry in oil.

This will make a beautiful, light and crispy batter around anything – open another beer and enjoy!

The Taste of Turkey at OasisOasis

Oasis bakery on North Road, Murrumbeena is well named. From the outside you’d never guess at the treasure trove of amazing and delicious ingredients inside. There are things you simply can’t find anywhere else – and they do great Mediterranean take away as well. Look out for Ely’s speciality -baklava – and the other sweets like his ricotta and jam ‘cigars’ -equally amazing and hard to resist.





Dad, The Beer’s on Us

Fathers day is just a round the corner. At Lezzet we’re celebrating by buying you a beer or two. Efes is the beer of turkey and it perfectly complements Lezzet’s Sofra shared table menu. Book for Father’s day and you’ll get your beers on the house. There’s a lot to celebrate on Father’s day, especially this year as ( you didn’t hear it from me) Mariola and I are expecting – so we’re sharing the love.

Bring your family along on Father’s day and we’ll take great care of you. Make sure you book it’s bound to be busy.


 AportalSports Fan?

I’m stealing this part of the newsletter to share a site I discovered for all you fellow sports nuts. Sportal.com.au will keep you up to date on everything Aussie sports related – so you won’t have to wade through all the important but boring political news before getting to the good stuff.

Check it out – who are you barracking for ?


Get in touch to find out more


Thanks and hope to see you soon at Lezzet.


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