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Meze - Starters

Meze Platter
A shared tasting board (min two sharing). Lezzet Dip with warm Turkish bread, zucchini, salad & gold kadayif wrappped ricotta, lamb 13.5 pp

Mixed Dips 'Ezme'
Seasonal Lezzet favourites with warm Turkish bread 16.5

Zucchini Fritters (Mujfer)
On a nest of cucumber strips with tomato relish & fetta snow 14.5

 Mum's delicious rice and herb filled vine leaf parcels 11.5

Spinach  and fetta cheese filo pastry cigars 12.5

Stuffed Mushrooms
Filled with goat's cheese, semi sun-dried tomato, olive and parsley paste 14.5

Lamb Ribs
Slow cooked for 8 hours with pomegranate honey sticky sauce 16.5

Manti Beef
 Beef Wagu manti, creamy garlic yogurt, and paprika butter 16.5

Local Calamari
Sumac spiced calamari, topped with capsicum and cucumber strips 16.5/22.5

Lamb shoulder kofte, sumac, onions, and creamy yogurt 16.5

Ekmek (bread) 3

Garlic Ekmek (bread) 3.5