Anatolia Dinner at Lezzet

Friday 4th March 2016

Locally the name Lezzet is synonymous with modern Turkish/Mediterranean dining, but in Sydney it’s the name ‘Efendy’ that immediately sets minds to lavish Turkish feasts with authentic regional flavors.

Somer Sivrioglu has set the bar high in Sydney with his award winning Efendy restaurant, his S.B.S. tv appearances and his new book ‘Anatolia’. He says that the food of Turkey is strongly influenced by the regions in which it is being cooked, a fascinating travelogue of a unique country.

Lezzet is a stylish and contemporary restaurant that owner and chef Kem. Barut has styled in the Ankaran village way, with an informal feel overflowing with the style that is unique to the Ottoman world. His Lezzet menus are written around the wood-fire oven and the grill, with influences coming from both the Turkey of his grandmother, and the Australia of his youth. His dishes are a picture of the diverse world he grew up in. His cheeky, quirky style is reflected across the entire Lezzet experience.

Kemal is thrilled to have Somer visiting Lezzet  for one stunning dinner, as part of this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. It’s all about celebrating the flavours of the Mediterranean region and the countries that have been so influenced by the food of Turkey.  The menu will be picked from the pages of ‘Anatolia’ and carefully balanced to suit our early autumn produce. Kemal was blown away by Somer’s latest offering, particularly the way that he has shown the unique flavours of so many regions of Turkey, it’s a book that brings Turkish eating and cooking to life, and will be the mainstay of the multi course ‘Anatolia at Lezzet’  menu, that sees Somer take over the reins of Kem’s kitchen at Lezzet, for just one night.

The intricacies of Turkey’s cooking culture are fascinating – it’s all about what Turks eat and when they eat it that makes dining both uniquely exotic and inspirational.