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The Mediterranean region is at the heart of Lezzet


The inspiration behind Lezzet is the exotic markets of Ankara, and the meals shared seated on brilliantly coloured rugs strewn across floors, around huge banquets taken from bronzed platters. But it’s also about a young Australian born Turkish boy Kem Barut, Lezzet’s young owner and chef, who visited his family annually and brought back to Australia a yearning for that which he’d left behind. The culture of eating, of shopping for food daily, the colours and exotic flavours are what drives Kem every day. He’s an Aussie boy at heart, with this unique dual heritage that is apparent in everything he does.


The brand new Lezzet Anatolian Kitchen has its own unique identity, like the regions that inspired it, with curved sandstone walls, cool textures and moody lighting. From the al fresco dining space on the promenade to the stunning back lit bar with its Ottoman inspired cocktail list, Lezzet is perfect for private functions and larger groups. Kem runs the kitchen with a youthful energy and an excitement for the future. His food is a perfect marriage between his modern life and the traditional world of his Grandmother, thousands of miles apart.

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