Sunday Roast at Lezzet

Sunday Roast for Lunch & Dinner. Enjoy with the family $38.5 per person. Fresh Dips and Turkish bread. Choice of roasted lamb or chicken, bulgur and tomato salad.




Lezzet New Ottoman function room. From $28.5 standing cocktail party (Up to 180 people). From $45 sitting dinner ( Up to 100 people)



Easter at Lezzet

Lezzet is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening across Easter.


   Head chef has made Lezzet  a modern space with the moody ambiance and flavours of a Turkish village. Ottoman ornaments and walls draped with heirloom rugs from Bey Pazari set the scene. Authentic wood-burning ovens flavour the modern spice filled menu.   Afiyet Olsun!